Music‑Noise has been incorporated into AES75-2023: AES standard for acoustics. Please visit

What are AES75 and Music‑Noise?
AES75 is a standard which includes Music‑Noise and a detailed procedure for measuring maximum linear sound levels using Music‑Noise. Music‑Noise is a standard test signal, that effectively emulates the dynamic characteristics of music. That is why it is called Music‑Noise. It has been developed mathematically within Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.
Why use AES75 and Music‑Noise?
In any application requiring reproduction of musical content, Music‑Noise enables a far more accurate measurement of a loudspeaker’s maximum linear sound levels. The AES75 procedure ensures that Music‑Noise measurements yield comparable and independently verifiable results.

Pre-Standardization M-Noise (now Music‑Noise) materials are available at m‑